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Get Healthy With These Low Effort Diet Practices

Becoming healthy is not a big deal. You can achieve good health with making just some small adjustments and changes to your current lifestyle, beginning with the right diet. The right diet is the key to good health. So what is the right diet? The right diet encompasses not just the quantity of food but also the quality of food, how you cook it and how you consume it.

  • Quantity

    Let’s talk about the right quantity of food. How much you should eat varies obviously depending on your lifestyle – a sportsperson needs a larger meal than somebody with a sedentary lifestyle. Right quantity here essentially means that don’t eat so much that you feel stuffed. Eat just a little bit lesser than what will make you feel full. Don’t satiate your hunger completely. This helps in easy digestion and makes you feel light.

  • Quality and Variants

    You want the best of everything in life and food should be no exception. Use products from trusted brands. Choose variants that are the best fit as per your lifestyle and requirements.

    Start with basics such as oil. There are many kinds of oils available in the market nowadays, each with their unique property. For instance Rice Bran oil reduces cholesterol and is rich in antioxidants; Sunflower oil is good for arthritis patients and prevents certain types of cancers; Olive oil helps fight against heart attack and strokes. Similarly, choose switching to brown rice or low fat yogurt or skimmed milk if that’s what your lifestyle requires.

  • Cooking

    The modern lifestyle leaves little time for cooking. But if you really want to be healthy, then get in the kitchen. This will help you cut back on the oils and spices and add to your diet what you really need. When you cook for yourself, you cook instinctively, knowing what your body really needs as well.

  • Eating Habits

    How and when you eat makes a big difference to how healthy you feel. So eat smaller portions multiple times a day instead of having a large meal at a go, chew your food properly and add fresh juices to your diet. Replace chips and unhealthy snacks with dry fruits or raw salads. Whatever you do, don’t skip your meals.

    Most people don’t realize how important water is for a healthy body. It not only helps flush out the toxins but also helps reduce weight by keeping your system clear. It helps avoid constipation and regulates the blood pressure too.

    The key to drinking sufficient water is drinking it regularly instead of waiting till you feel thirsty. The body starts feeling the lack of water long before it indicates thirst.

    Additionally, whatever you eat balance it with ample exercise. Your body needs a certain number of calories to operate and perform routine functions like breathing, digesting, regenerating cells, etc. Women with a sedentary lifestyle need about 1600-200 calories and men about 2000-2200 daily. If you think you are consuming considerably more calories than that, exercise and burn the excess off.

    Hence, becoming healthy does not mean dramatic changes in what you eat and crash dieting. You don’t even need to make big efforts - just start with it the next time you go grocery shopping.