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Q. What is a aGAIN ?
A. aGAIN is a special membership program for our customers who shop with us. This is our way of thanking you for choosing to shop with us. The aGAIN membership entitles you to several exclusive benefits, special offers and schemes.

Q. What benefits do I get for being a member?
A. You will be able to earn points when you make purchase at Ratnadeep outlets and provide your number. These points can be redeemed later to avail discounts on your bill. You will also receive surprise offers from us like: Exclusive aGAIN offers - products at a special price only for you. Other offers from time to time

Q. How many points do I earn & how?
A. When you shop at Ratnadeep supermarkets, purchase of every Rs 100 will give you 1 reward points. You will be able to earn points only when you provide your number prior to billing.

Q. How will I know my total points?
A. At Ratnadeep supermarkets you will be able to know your total points from the cashier by giving them your aGAIN membership number. You can also check your total points by logging on to our website (www.ratnadeepsupermarket.com) or our Facebook page ( www.facebook.com/ratnadeepsupermarket)and registering your aGAIN membership number on aGAIN Rewards section. You can also check your points by downloading Ratnadeep App from store on your smartphone and sign-in using your aGAIN membership number.

Q. How many cards can I have?
A. Ideally you should have 1 card per family so that all points earned can be accumulated in a single card

Q. If I forget my membership (mobile) number how will you credit my points? Can I credit it later?
A. Please don’t forget your registered mobile number for your aGAIN membership else we will not be able to locate your account.

Q. How many points are required for me to be able to redeem?
A. A minimum number of 200 points is required to be eligible for redemption at Ratnadeep Supermarkets.

Q. How can I redeem my points?
A. If you are shopping at Ratnadeep supermarkets kindly provide your mobile number and inform the cashier at the time of billing that you would like to redeem your points. You will receive an OTP code via SMS on your registered mobile number. Please provide the code to the cashier so redemption can be securely completed on your account.

Q. Point is equal to how many rupees?
A. 1 point is equal to 50 paise.

Q. Can I transfer my points?
A. No, points cannot be transferred.

Q. Can I exchange my points for cash?
A. No. These points cannot be exchanged for cash.

Q. How long are the points valid?
A. Points accumulated at Ratnadeep are valid for 1 year (e.g. If you shopped on 1st April 2013 and earned 100 points, you need to redeem on or before 1st May 2014).

Q. Can my family member use my card to earn & burn reward points?
A. Members can earn points by mentioning your mobile number. However for redeeming points, you need to provide OTP code sent on your registered mobile number.

Q. Can I use this membership across all Ratnadeep outlets?
A. Yes. Your card can be used to earn and redeem points across all Ratnadeep outlets.

Q. Can I use aGAIN Membership in other outlets?
A. No. This aGAIN membership is valid for use only at Ratnadeep Supermarkets.

Q. What if I switch my mobile number associated with aGAIN program?
A. Please go to our website or Facebook page or mobile App and register your aGAIN membership online with your mobile number. You can switch your mobile number anytime online whenever you want. Go to aGAIN Rewards program online, login with your credentials and select settings to change number. A validation code will be sent to the new number you want to associate with your aGAIN membership program. Confirm it online and you are done!!!

Q. Is this a credit or debit card?
A. No, this is neither a credit nor a debit card